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Recommendation Letters

Do you have questions about whether employers are required to provide recommendation letters to employees? Watch this video by dedicated Phoenix employment lawyer James Green to learn more.
Read Our FREE Employment Law Guide I recently had a client contact me because they wanted an employment reference. They were applying for a position and the job that they were applying for, was trying to contact their former employer to find out information about whether or not they worked there, what their position was, and whether or not they were a good employee. They were upset that that employer didn’t provide those details. One thing that I will tell you, as an employment lawyer, is that we often recommend that employers don’t provide all of those details. Employers are concerned that they could face defamation charges or something like that, if they provide too much information or negative information that could cause problems down the road for that employee. Employers are not required to provide recommendation letters or other references. What most employers do, they will confirm the dates of employment and the position held, and sometimes they will confirm whether or not you’re eligible for re-hire. Other than that, most employers won’t provide more detail than that. Contact our experienced Phoenix employment lawyers to learn more about your rights as they pertain to employee recommendation letters. We offer free confidential consultations and will fight to ensure your rights are fully protected under the law. Review Attorney James Green on Avvo